How to prepare the skin for injection mesotherapy?

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How to prepare the skin for injection mesotherapy?

How to prepare the skin for injection mesotherapy? It is important to remember that the results after injection mesotherapy will be really stable only if the patient’s skin is prepared and healthy.

  • Prepare the skin for minimally invasive treatments will help a new type of non-injectable mesotherapy, during which strong antioxidants and coenzymes are delivered to the tissue.
  • Enzyme therapy is also recommended. It cleanses pores, explains discolorations, removes dead skin cells and fills living skin cells with oxygen. Reverse osmosis removes all toxins and promotes the production of new collagen by fibroblasts. After this procedure, each type of injection will have a longer and longer lasting effect.
  • To prevent the occurrence of granulomas after injection, it is important to constantly maintain health and improve the function of the Langerhans skin cells. Alternatively, procedures can be used in which heat is generated – but not thermal, but chemical. They are particularly effective in combination with the enzyme therapy mentioned above.
  • It is also recommended to use DMK Cosmetics medical camouflage and a moisturizing serum with beta-glucan Beta Gel after the injection.
  • It is particularly important not to forget about the combination of supportive procedures before and after injection with well-suited daily facial care.
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