LunchTime Peel DMK – an effective surface peel

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LunchTime Peel DMK – an effective surface peel

Now you can get healthy and luminous skin during a lunch break. Lunch Time Peel – an effective surface peel that is ideal for office workers and professionals with a busy schedule, because after the procedure you do not have to worry about the period of rehabilitation or irritation after peeling.

Composition Lunch Time Peel is a pharmaceutical combination of AHA fruit acids (glycolic, lactic, citric, malic) and BHA (salicylic) acids, which:

  • removes dead cells from the skin surface;
  • reduces small and visible wrinkles;
  • stimulates cell renewal and exfoliation;
  • restores the pH balance and moisture level of the skin;
  • helps to fight infections or bacteria, keeping the skin clean;
  • makes the skin smoother and firm.

To obtain high quality results, it is recommended to perform six to ten procedures.

Great skin is now on the lunch break menu!
Perfect peeling. For people related to office work and limited in time. For the skin affected by air conditioning, computers and an unhealthy lifestyle.

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