26-28/05 Primary training on working with DMK cosmeceuticals, Prague
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26-28/05 Primary training on working with DMK cosmeceuticals, Prague

What defines a professional? The constant quest for excellence and aspiration for achieving 100% results. On May 26-28 welcome to join our Primary training on working with DMK cosmeceuticals in Prague!

DMK guiding principle is to match individual skin needs quality with the appropriate DMK formulas for excellent results. We aim to:

  • REMOVE the pathology with the enzyme therapy, acids, alks, serums with beta glucans, Vitamin C and retinoids;
  • REBUILD normal skin condition;
  • PROTECT the result;
  • MAINTAIN with individually selected home prescriptions.

Dive into our concept of skin revision at the Primary training on working with DMK cosmeceuticals!

At the training you can:

  • get to know DMK concept and main advantages of DMK cosmeceutics;
  • review in detail professional formulas and home prescriptions;
  • see the most impressive procedure of the Enzyme therapy in practice;
  • learn more about calculations and the rewards program.

What makes DMK the #1 professional skin revision concept in the world?

  • over 40 years of experience in professional skin revision;
  • available in 30 countries worldwide;
  • over 1.5 million professional treatments;
  • clinically proven results;
  • award winning home prescriptives and professional treatments;
  • world-class support and ongoing education;
  • FDA, CFDA, TGA & CPNP registered;
  • only available through DMK certified clinics (not sold online);
  • international network of certified clinics;
  • business building and marketing support.

Your result is our key priority, so we ensure constant support as well as the opportunity to deepen your knowledge regularly at trainings and conferences.

To get more information about DMK cosmeceutics and great advantages of the partnership with the company, you can also join our FREE Initial DMK training on April 19.

Special Mother's Day sets
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Special Mother's Day sets

She knows kilometers apart that you forgot to wear a cap. She can demolish any arguments by one glance’s power. Who needs a superhero when mom’s here? Take care of your loved ones with special DMK sets!

We’ve prepared unbelievable Mother’s day offers:

  • Foamy Lift Masque + Exoderma Peel 60ml = Deep Pore Cleanser 60ml with the professional brush & the bowl as gifts.
  • Acu-Klenz 180ml + Epitoxyl + Acu Masque 60ml = Acu-Therm as a gift.
  • Direct Delivery Vitamin C + Nite Firming Cream 50ml = Herb&Mineral spray 60ml as a gift.
  • Revise A cream + Herb&Mineral Spray 120ml = DMK Sunscreen 60ml as a gift.
  • Eye Web 15ml = Transgenesis Travel as a gift.
  • Enzyme Masque#3 + Desquamate = Red Vein 30ml as a gift.

The offers are valid till May 14!