Special Mother's Day sets
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Special Mother's Day sets

She knows kilometers apart that you forgot to wear a cap. She can demolish any arguments by one glance’s power. Who needs a superhero when mom’s here? Take care of your loved ones with special DMK sets!

We’ve prepared unbelievable Mother’s day offers:

  • Foamy Lift Masque + Exoderma Peel 60ml = Deep Pore Cleanser 60ml with the professional brush & the bowl as gifts.
  • Acu-Klenz 180ml + Epitoxyl + Acu Masque 60ml = Acu-Therm as a gift.
  • Direct Delivery Vitamin C + Nite Firming Cream 50ml = Herb&Mineral spray 60ml as a gift.
  • Revise A cream + Herb&Mineral Spray 120ml = DMK Sunscreen 60ml as a gift.
  • Eye Web 15ml = Transgenesis Travel as a gift.
  • Enzyme Masque#3 + Desquamate = Red Vein 30ml as a gift.

The offers are valid till May 14!